Reduce Screen Time With These Paw Patrol Books

Allow me to introduce you to the Paw Patrol team: Ryder leading the pack alongside the fearless pups Chase, Everest, Marshall, Rocky, Rubble, Skye, Tracker, and Zuma. This crew has won over the hearts of countless kids through their TV shows and movies. But wait, the adventure doesn’t stop there! A fantastic array of toys is designed for the little fans to keep the Paw Patrol excitement alive beyond the screen. The Paw Patrol universe doesn’t just end with toys – there’s a whole world of Paw Patrol books waiting to be explored by eager young readers. So, today, I’ll share some of the Paw Patrol books that are very much loved by our family.

Paw Patrol fan art.
Paw Patrol, artist Gabija, 5 years old.

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Are There Many Paw Patrol Books?

The short answer is yes. Many Paw Patrol books have been published throughout the years, including stories, Paw Patrol colouring books, Paw Patrol “The Movie” books, Paw Patrol read-aloud books, etc. If you type “Paw Patrol books” into Amazon search, you’ll see that many books will be surfaced to explore. Let’s take a look at some of our favourites.

Paw Patrol Books: Story Time

Paw Patrol tales are great companions for bedtime reading, making the end of the day a little more special. While smaller books often center around a single exciting adventure, making them the perfect length for winding down. But guess what? We’ve uncovered an absolute gem in the Paw Patrol book world – the “PAW Patrol 5-Minute Stories Collection”.

This book is seriously adorable, packed with pictures and a collection of bite-sized stories that’ll have your kid grinning from ear to ear. We have this book, and we love it. Whether you’re reading the stories or your little ones are up for reading on their own, this Paw Patrol book is great!

Paw Patrol books: 5-Minute Stories (Collection)
Our very much loved Paw Patrol 5-Minute Stories Collection book.

Paw Patrol Books: Step Into Reading

Step Into Reading is a great program that offers a variety of books and stories adapted to the child’s reading level. You can start from pre-school and Kindergarten and move up as their reading level increases. So, if you’re looking for Step into Reading books for the Paw Patrol fans, there’s a good selection for levels 1 and 2. Here are some that we’ve collected:

Paw Patrol books: Step into Reading
Some of our Paw Patrol “Step into Reading” books. They are great for a short read or for a bedtime story.

In addition to those Step into Reading Paw Patrol books that we bought, there are many more still to be collected. Take a look at what I’ve found available on Amazon for Step 1 and Step 2 reading.

Step into Reading: Step 1 Paw Patrol Books

  • Mission Paw”: This captivating tale takes you right into the heart of a special mission in Barkingburg. The book is designed with big, easy-to-read words, making it a perfect choice for young readers. Inside the pages, you’ll also find a delightful surprise: pretty Paw Patrol stickers that add extra excitement to the reading experience.
Paw Patrol books - Mission Paw
  • Mighty Twins!“: Get ready to become a hero with the “Mighty Twins!”. This Paw Patrol book is all about stepping up to save the day alongside the mighty twins. It’s a fantastic choice for kids who are already familiar with the alphabet. Inside, you’ll find generous font sizes and simple words that make reading a breeze. This Paw Patrol book has stickers to make your adventure even more memorable.
Paw Patrol books - Mighty Twins
  • Chases Space Case”: Get ready for an out-of-this-world adventure with “Chase’s Space Case.” In this Paw Patrol story, the fearless pups lend a hand to a lost alien searching for its spaceship. This book should also come with stickers. Perfectly suited for preschoolers through to grade 1, this story packs in all the excitement and heartwarming moments that Paw Patrol is known for.
Paw Patrol books - Chases Space Case
  • The Spooky Cabin”: Embark on a mission of mystery and spookiness with “The Spooky Cabin.” Join the Paw Patrol crew as they unravel a ghostly story in this captivating tale. And here’s the extra treat – this Step 1 book should also come with stickers! Designed for young readers taking their first steps into the world of reading, “The Spooky Cabin” offers a thrilling journey that’s just the right balance of excitement and reading accessibility.
Paw Patrol Books - The Spooky Cabin
  • Meet Tracker”: Introducing a member of the Paw Patrol family in the “Meet Tracker!” Paw Patrol book. This book is about getting to know the adventurous Tracker and is tailored for an easy and enjoyable reading experience. With simple words, playful rhymes, and rhythmic text, “Meet Tracker” is the perfect choice for young readers who are starting to explore the world of words.
Paw Patrol books - Meet Tracker
  • Rubble to the Rescue!”: Get ready for a heroic adventure with “Rubble to the Rescue!”. In this exciting Paw Patrol tale, the awesome pup Rubble steps into the shoes of a superhero for a day. This book is designed as a Step 1 reading experience, making it super accessible for young readers. Stickers are in the mix too! With easy words and an engaging storyline, “Rubble to the Rescue!” is tailor-made for readers taking their first steps into the world of books.
Paw Patrol books - Rubble to the Rescue

Step into Reading: Step 2 Paw Patrol Books

  • PAW Patrol: The Movie: Back on Track!”: Get ready for an action-packed adventure with “PAW Patrol: The Movie: Back on Track!” This book is a Step 2 Step Into Reading book designed to take your reading journey to the next stage. In this thrilling tale, Ryder and the Paw Patrol crew are on a mission to save the day – but will they triumph, or will Mayor Humdinger manage to slip away?
<Paw Patrol Books - The Movie: Back on Track
  • King for a Day”: Get ready for a royal adventure with “King for a Day,” featuring none other than Marshall, the lovable Paw Patrol pup. This time, it’s a King Arthur play story, making it a tale fit for a noble quest. This Paw Patrol book is designed with lots of familiar words that young readers will recognize, making it an engaging reading experience. And yes, you guessed it – stickers are part of the package, too!
Paw Patrol books - King for a Day
  • Rubble’s Big Wish”: Get ready for a magical tale with “Rubble’s Big Wish.” This Paw Patrol story takes you on a journey involving a mysterious jack-in-the-box – or could it all be a dream? This book falls into the Step 2 category, making it perfect for those ready for a bit more reading adventure. The story has simple vocabulary and short sentences, making it pretty easy to read. And yes, you guessed it right – stickers are part of the package, too!
Paw Patrol book - Rubble's Big Wish
  • Chase is on the Case!”: Get ready for some high-energy action with “Chase is on the Case!” As every Paw Patrol fan knows, whenever Chase is off on a mission, he’s got one catchy line to say – “Chase is on the case!”. This book is an absolute gem for both boys and girls, catering to those in preschool and beyond who are taking their first steps into independent reading. And yes, you’re in for a treat – this book is a Step 2 level and comes complete with stickers!
Paw Patrol book - Chase is on the Case
  • Save the Dinosaurs!” – In this thrilling Paw Patrol tale, the team teams up with their new friend, Rex, to unravel the mystery of disappearing dinosaur eggs in Dino Land. The book is designed with easy vocabulary, making it a perfect choice for young readers. Plus, stickers are included!
Paw Patrol book - Save the Dinosaurs

Paw Patrol Phonics Box Set

Here’s a fantastic educational discovery – the Paw Patrol Phonics Box Set. Here’s a fantastic educational discovery – the Paw Patrol Phonics Box Set. Inside, you’ll find twelve small yet captivating phonics books, each one colourful and fun. Designed just right for little hands, this box set also includes a parent guide, which is a handy bonus.

Within these books, you’ll find simple sentences that weave into short stories. These stories are a wonderful way to introduce kids to familiar words, some of which they’ll recognize from the Paw Patrol TV show, like “friends” or “help.” Lots of words with short and long vowels – these books are truly a fantastic learning tool for beginner readers. A big thumbs up from us for these engaging phonics books.

Paw Patrol books: the Paw Patrol Phonics Box set was a great find.
The Paw Patrol Phonics Box Set was a great find to add to our collection.

Keep the Kids Busy with Paw Patrol Colouring Books

If your kids have a knack for coloring, or you’re looking to inspire their creative side, Paw Patrol coloring books are a fantastic choice. When Paw Patrol holds a special place in their hearts, and you’re seeking some engaging screen-free activities, these coloring books are a definite go-to.

You can easily find many options on Amazon, including newer themes like Mighty Pups or Dino Rescue. These coloring books bring the magic of Paw Patrol to the tips of their crayons. So, get ready to fuel their imagination, creativity, and love for all things Paw Patrol with these coloring books that are as vibrant as the characters themselves!

Paw Patrol colouring books that we currently have.
Our Paw Patrol colouring books are very much loved!

Here are some colouring books I’ve found on Amazon. If you’re lucky,  you can find some of them in the stores like Walmart (we sometimes see the Crayola ones there).

Have Fun with Paw Patrol Activity Books

We all know kids and patience usually do not go together (at least for very long). Kids are always on the move and constantly looking for engaging activities to keep them occupied. That’s where a diverse range of off-screen options can save the day. If you’re in the market for activity books, Paw Patrol activity books are an excellent choice. These books offer a variety of tasks, from drawing and coloring to mazes and spot-the-difference challenges.

When kids are happily engaged, it’s a win-win situation – they’re having a blast while parents get a well-deserved break. Luckily, Amazon offers a good range of Paw Patrol activity books to choose from.

Paw Patrol Read Aloud and Sound Books

If you’re looking for something that goes beyond the ordinary, sound books or read-aloud / read-with-the-character books are fantastic options. They are perfect for both early readers and little listeners, creating an engaging and participatory reading experience.

Even if kids aren’t yet reading independently, these books encourage them to be a part of the storytelling process by pressing buttons that trigger sounds, music, or even character voices. It’s a great way to immerse them in the story and make the reading journey even more memorable.

Learning through play is an awesome teaching/learning approach. Kids will have lots of fun with these interactive books. So, if you’re ready to embark on a reading adventure that’s not just about words on a page, these sound books and read-aloud options are definitely the way to go!

So Many Paw Patrol Books to Choose From

Introducing kids to the joy of reading or simply getting them to spend more time with books can be such a rewarding journey. And Paw Patrol books are indeed a fantastic option to achieve just that! These books provide an exciting alternative to screen time and allow kids to continue their adventures alongside their beloved Paw Patrol pals.

With vibrant characters, engaging stories, and interactive elements, Paw Patrol books are great for helping your little ones on their reading journey. Even if you’re simply looking to ignite their love for books, Paw Patrol books are a wonderful choice.

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  1. A wonderful book collection. Paw Patrol books are really attractive to children. They teach kindness and friendliness.
    The characters become a part of life not just for children but for adults too.
    Enjoy quality time with your little ones!

  2. This is a great post! This books are perfect for my toddler, he loves Paw Petrol and is a option for the screen time, Thanks for sharing.


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