Reduce Screen Time with Fun Paw Patrol Books Found on Amazon

Meet the Paw Patrol:  Ryder and the pups Chase, Everest, Marshall, Rocky, Rubble, Skye, Tracker and Zuma. The TV show and the movies captured the hearts of many kids… And to extend the Paw Patrol adventure off-screen, there is a huge variety of toys for the little and not-so-little Paw Patrol fans. There are also many Paw Patrol books for the kids to enjoy, so today, let’s take a look at some of the Paw Patrol books available on Amazon.

Paw Patrol fan art.
Paw Patrol fan art.

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Are There Many Paw Patrol Books?

The short answer is yes. Many Paw Patrol books have been published throughout the years:  including stories, Paw Patrol colouring books, Paw Patrol “The Movie” books, Paw Patrol read-aloud books, etc. If you type “Paw Patrol books” into Amazon search, you’ll see for yourself:  a huge variety of books will be surfaced for you to explore.

Amazon search results: Paw Patrol books
Search on Amazon: the Paw Patrol books

Paw Patrol Books: Story Time

Paw Patrol stories are great for reading – especially for bedtime reading. Many smaller books focus on a single adventure; thus, they’re nice and short. However, we’ve acquired this super cute Paw Patrol story collection book on Amazon: “PAW Patrol 5-Minute Stories Collection”. It’s such a beautiful book, lots of pictures and short stories all in one book. Boys and girls who love Paw Patrol and want to read (or be read to) about the adventures of their favourite pups will definitely enjoy it. We certainly do!

Paw Patrol books: 5-Minute Stories (Collection)
Our very much loved Paw Patrol 5-Minute Stories Collection book.

Paw Patrol: Step Into Reading Books

Step Into Reading is a great program that offers a variety of books and stories adapted to the child’s reading level. You can start from pre-school and Kindergarten and move up as their reading level increases. So, if you’re looking for Step into Reading books for the Paw Patrol fans, there’s a good selection for levels 1 and 2. Here are some that we’ve collected:

Paw Patrol books: Step into Reading
Some of our Paw Patrol “Step into Reading” books. They are great for a short read or for a bedtime story.

In addition to those that we bought, there are many more still to be collected. Take a look at what I’ve found available on Amazon for Step 1 and Step 2 reading.

Step into Reading: Step 1

  • Mission Paw”:  read about the special Paw Patrol’s mission in Barkingburg. The book has big and easy to read words and includes pretty Paw Patrol stickers.
Mission Paw
  • Mighty Twins!“: save the day with Mighty Twins! A great book for children who know the alphabet; you’ll get big type and easy words. This book also includes stickers and cards.
Mighty Twins
  • Chases Space Case”: Paw Patrol helps a lost alien find his spaceship. Also includes fun stickers! Great for pre-school to grade 1.
Chases Space Case
  • The Spooky Cabin”: go on a mission with Paw Patrol to uncover a ghostly mystery. This fun Step 1 book also includes stickers.
The Spooky Cabin
  • Meet Tracker”: meet a new Paw Patrol friend, Tracker! Easy words, rhymes and rhythmic text, and great pictures.
Meet Tracker
  • Rubble to the Rescue!”: Rubble, an awesome Paw Patrol pup, is a superhero for a day! A perfect Step 1 book for easy reading and includes stickers!
Rubble to the Rescue

Step into Reading: Step 2

PAW Patrol: The Movie: Back on Track!
  • King for a Day”: who doesn’t love Marshall, especially when it’s a King Arthur play story? This book has lots of familiar words for kids to recognise, and, yes, it should include stickers too!
Paw Patrol books: King for a Day
  • Rubble’s Big Wish”: a Paw Patrol story about a magical jack-in-the-box or is it just a dream? A great Step 2 book, with simple vocabulary and short sentences for easy reading. And it should include stickers too!
Rubble’s Big Wish - a fun Paw Patrol book to read
  • Chase is on the Case!”: all Paw Patrol friends know what Chase says when he’s off on a mission (yes, “Chase is on the case!”). This is a great book for boys and girls (pre-school and up) who are learning to read independently. Step 2 book with stickers.
One of the Step into Reading Paw Patrol books: Chase is on the Case
  • Save the Dinosaurs!” – where the Paw Patrol team and their new friend Rex are trying to find out who is taking eggs from Dino Land. Easy vocabulary, and this book includes fun stickers too!

Paw Patrol Phonics Box Set

Another good and educational find was the Paw Patrol Phonics Box Set. You’ll find twelve small but fun and colourful phonics books in the box, perfect for little hands. The one we bought also includes a parent guide inside.

The books contain very simple sentences that make these short stories. They teach the kids the familiar words (that you will also hear on the Paw Patrol TV show, too, such as “friends” or “help”). Lots of short and long vowels. Thumbs up from us for the beginner readers!

Paw Patrol books: the Paw Patrol Phonics Box set was a great find.
The Paw Patrol Phonics Box Set was a great find to add to our collection.

Keep the Kids Busy with Paw Patrol Colouring Books

If your kids love to colour – or maybe you’d like to encourage them to colour more – Paw Patrol colouring books are a good option. If your kids love anything Paw Patrol, and you need some screen-off Paw Patrol activities, try out their colouring books. Many of them are available on Amazon: Paw Patrol, Mighty Pups, Dino Rescue, etc.

Paw Patrol colouring books that we currently have.
Paw Patrol colouring books are very much loved!

Here are some colouring books I’ve found on Amazon. That said, if you’re lucky,  you can find some of them in the stores like Walmart (we sometimes see the Crayola ones there). Have you got any that you like? Let me know in the comments; I would very much appreciate it!

Have Fun with Paw Patrol Activity Books

Many kids don’t have a lot of patience. Therefore, offering them a variety of off-screen activities could keep them busy. So, if you’re searching for activity books, Paw Patrol activity books are pretty engaging. They have lots various tasks, such as drawing and colouring, mazes or spotting the differences. And when kids are (good) busy, the parents get a little bit of time to rest too, right? Luckily, there’s a variety of them to choose from Amazon. Here are some of them:

Paw Patrol Read Aloud and Sound Books

If you’re on a mission to find something more “interactive”, the sound books or read-aloud / read-with-the-character books could be a good option for you. They’re great for early readers or listeners. Even if the kids cannot read the books themselves, they can participate by pressing the buttons. Learning through play is fun for the little ones!

So Many Books to Choose From: Surprise Your Little Paw Patrol Fans

Whether you’re trying to introduce your kids to reading or encourage them to spend a little bit more time with books, Paw Patrol could be a good option! They’re a great alternative to screen time, and the little ones can continue adventuring with their favourite pups. I hope your little Paw Patrol friends will enjoy Paw Patrol books if you decide to try them out!

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  1. A wonderful book collection. Paw Patrol books are really attractive to children. They teach kindness and friendliness.
    The characters become a part of life not just for children but for adults too.
    Enjoy quality time with your little ones!

  2. This is a great post! This books are perfect for my toddler, he loves Paw Petrol and is a option for the screen time, Thanks for sharing.


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