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The Angels of Klaipeda

The Angels of Klaipeda

Gordon Mott


"It was a far cry from the life that she'd had before she met George. She used to share a bedroom with her mother and her brother slept in the sitting room in a tiny flat in Klaipėda, Lithuania."

Location mentioned: Klaipėda, Lithuania

Location found by: the Planet of the Books

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The Angels of Klaipeda by Gordon Mott


If you’re seeking captivating and engaging reading material, look no further than “The Angels of Klaipeda” by Gordon Mott. Known for his earlier work, “Lithuanian Lullaby,” Gordon Mott returns with another great creation that promises a journey through time and across borders.

In “The Angels of Klaipeda,” readers are transported to the 1990s, embarking on a vivid journey that spans the landscapes of London, Lebanon, and Lithuania. With his expert storytelling, Gordon Mott weaves a narrative that explores the connections between diverse cultures and experiences.

The author’s connection to Eastern European culture makes this book even more intriguing. Having lived, worked, and taught in Lithuania, Gordon Mott brings an intimate familiarity with the nuances and intricacies of the region. With a degree in politics from Trent University in Canada and a passion for East European development, Mott’s writing is infused with both expertise and heart.

For those who are active on Instagram, showing some appreciation for Gordon Mott’s work can be a wonderful way to connect with the author and explore the inspiration behind his narratives. So, if you’re in search of a book that bridges time, place, and culture, “The Angels of Klaipeda” awaits you with its promises of discovery, connection, and a rich tapestry of human experiences.


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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Independently published
  • Publication date: 2021
  • ASIN: B09974L1QC
  • ISBN-10: 8535724915
  • ISBN-13: 979-8535724911

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The Planet of the Books
Reviewed August 2, 2021

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