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A Reluctant Citizen: Making a life in German-occupied Memel and Lithuania 1932-1940

John Winglap


"Market Street opened into a square, nearly packed behind roped off areas. Here Hitler would speak. Expressionless faces stared down every window behind, as Egan turned around to look for a higher step from which to watch."

Location mentioned in the book: Market Street (Klaipėda)

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A Reluctant Citizen: Making a life in German-occupied Memel and Lithuania 1932-1940 by John Winglap & Ruta Pempe Sevo (Editor)


John Winglap and Ruta Pempe Sevo (editor) presents “A Reluctant Citizen” book: a fictionalised memoir written in the third person. Read how a young teacher navigates the politics of a continually annexed Memel (Klaipeda). With the Germans taking over Memel and parts of Lithuania in 1939, how did the teacher find the way to survive the hard times?

Not many people know about the history of the Baltic states. Thus, it’s great that there are books like this, allowing the readers to take this opportunity to understand what happened during those turbulent times.

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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Ruta Sevo
  • Publication date: 2017
  • ISBN-10: 990586286
  • ISBN-13: 978-0990586289

Here’s a short summary of Klaipeda’s history.

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The Planet of the Books
Reviewed August 2, 2021

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