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My Little Golden Book about Balto

My Little Golden Book About Balto

My Little Golden Book About Balto by Charles Lovitt.   “My Little Golden Book About Balto”, written by Charles Lovitt, is an enchanting tale that unveils the heroic journey of Balto, a fearless sledgedog. The story takes us back to the year 1925 when Balto played a crucial role in delivering life-saving medicine rescuing a …

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Canada in Colours

Canada in Colours by Per-Henrik Gürth.   “Canada in Colours” by Per-Henrik Gürth is a vibrant and captivating exploration of Canada’s diverse landscapes through the eyes of a renowned Canadian landscape artist. With his artistic talent, Gürth brings the majesty of the country’s varied regions to life, engaging young readers in a visual journey across …

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Goodnight Canada by Andrea Beck

Goodnight, Canada

Goodnight, Canada written by Andrea Beck   “Goodnight, Canada” by Andrea Beck is a heartwarming and enchanting bedtime book that brings comfort and joy to young readers and their families. Written and illustrated by the award-winning Canadian creator Andrea Beck, this book is a delightful addition to any home library, especially for those seeking cozy …

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The Kids Book of Canada by Barbara Greenwood

The Kids Book of Canada

The Kids Book of Canada written by Barbara Greenwood and illustrated by Jock MacRae   Toronto-born author Barbara Greenwood, renowned for her passion for Canadian heritage, has a notable literary legacy. Prior to embracing her career as a full-time writer, she imparted knowledge in elementary classrooms. Barbara achieved her B.A. from the University of Toronto. …

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Tiger Days and the Secret Cat

Tiger Days and the Secret Cat by Sarah Lean.   “Tiger Days and the Secret Cat” by Sarah Lean is a fantastic recommendation for young readers seeking a captivating fiction series. If you’re on the hunt for books that have animals, adventures, and heartwarming friendships, this series is definitely worth exploring. Sarah Lean, the creative …

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