There’s something unquestionably special about reading a book. Books can give you a way to travel the world, become a part of a great adventure, and learn something new. But where does the action happen in the books we read? Here’s an idea – let’s map it out! Read books and discover locations. Soon we will see the most popular places mentioned in the books. Or maybe we will find hidden gems that we’ll want to visit in real life...

Recently Discovered Locations

New South Wales



Flavors of the Pokémon World: Pokémon Cookbooks

If there's a Pokémon enthusiast in your family (or maybe that enthusiast is you), you might have found yourself curious about whipping up some delightful Pokémon-themed foods and recipes. But hey, not all of us are kitchen wizards when imagining ...
Cat-inspired Bookends

Cat Bookends: Stylish and Practical

Are you looking for a great gift for someone who loves books and is crazy about cats? Or maybe you're just in need of organizing your bookshelves? I have to admit – usually, I cramp as many books in a ...
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